Supervising your Environment


Our mission is to give you the controls needed to manage your technology properly

We start by knowing everything we can about your existing set up, whether you have one PC or a complex office environment. We then monitor this for changes as they happen.

This means when a problem occurs we rarely have to ponder over ‘why’. In most cases we will fix problems before you are aware there is an issue, but on the rare occasion you need to contact us, we have the resources in place to quickly work out what is wrong and right it.

Technology Risk Management


We believe prevention is better than cure.

So to make sure you don’t suffer from business interruptions caused by malware and other rogue activity, we choose the right tools and implement them for your business in a fully managed way.

Our combination of Anti-virus, Firewall, Managed Wireless Solutions and Cloud-Based file services provide a comprehensive solution that stops rogue activity aflicting your business.

Fixing the unannounced


Unfortunately – we recognise that not all problems can be fixed through monitoring and protection.

When unexpected things happen we can quickly and efficiently guide you through the problem and provide the correct solution to keep your business functioning at its best.

Who we are, What we do, Why we do it

About Fulcrum

Fulcrum was founded almost 20 years ago by Ben Morris. We are a team of highly dedicated IT engineers.

Fulcrum provides best in class IT support solutions for businesses in London. Our depth of knowledge has allowed us to develop a very loyal customer base. We have also expanded into various modern IT services such as VoIP, Cloud Based File Services and High-end Web Hosting all of which are provided from our own dedicated cloud servers.

Although the technology landscape has changed dramatically during this period – our customer focused attitude, dedication to quality and high level of service have remained the same because only by providing our customers with our best can we be truly satisfied.

Keeping things as simple and cost effective as possible - Need More?

Our standard service for smaller companies

Our primary function is to act as your company’s CTO, CIO and helpdesk at a fraction of the cost of employing these functions yourself.

As your Chief Technology Officer it is important that we pro-actively support your organisation. To do this we use some of the tools that you generally don’t see in company’s with less than 50 employees. By installing this software into your environment we can see and manage your computers in a much more efficient manner. With many desktops under our management this also very cost-effective.

Because we are also your CIO we can (where practical) install a managed firewall, network and wireless system. This greatly enhances our ability to ‘see’ what data is flowing into, within and out of your organisation. Which means we get a good head-start on finding and diagnosing data communication issues and we can properly protect your business from the latest information threats.

Finally, we are your helpdesk. This means that whenever your staff have a problem with their computer we are just a phone-call away. With your permission we can quickly take control of your workstation and fix your issue, using your input, the history we have gathered from our tools, and our knowledge. This generally happens immediately the problem is reported and is normally fixed within a few minutes of your call or email.

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If you require it - we also help with your overall IT Policy - Need More?

For more complex companies, those with regulatory requirements or just more staff

For our medium sized clients, we start by reviewing how you currently use technology and get a good understanding of your current situation. We ensure you are safe from the most likely threats and help to put in place a set of tools to keep you that way. These tools work within your current environment and for the most part are ‘invisible’ to the end users.

We will also look at your internal processes, from your Password Policy to your Employee Handbook (with a particular focus on your information management policy) and ensure you are meeting the requirements to protect both your employees and your business from all forms of Electronic and Legal Attack - both external and internal threats. Once this is done we will schedule regular reviews of these processes to ensure they remain relevant and compliant.

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Our optimal service - the best of all worlds

In House Staff with Full Technical Backup

For those that need someone always there during the business day, we can put one of our employees on-site to handle all of your day to day needs.

They come with the full backup of our service team, but can spend their days working on your company's requirements.

We also provide full cover for them when they take a holiday and can even provide a replacement if they are unwell.

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